Trucker husbands can not be trusted!

I happen to work as a medical assistant in a doctor's office & on this particular day it was very hectic because we had more patients than usual & I was not able to take a break.

My husband always calls me & ask me to get on my laptop to give him weather & road conditions with cities he is traveling through when I am on break.

He calls the office & I heard the girl tell him I am busy with patients & I cannot take a break, OK, then he calls back 20 minutes later & she told him the same thing, then 30 minutes later I heard her arguing & saying I can't have her leave a patient for you.

I asked her if it was him & she shook her head yes & I told her to hang up. Well unknown to me, he must have complained to his friends & one of them posted WTF is going on & my husband posted yeah my wife was a big pain in the a** today.

Well I found this out when I got home & a friend told me about it on social media & I was shocked. So she asked me about my day & I also told her that I do everything, work, take care of the kids, clean the house, etcetera & all I said was yeah I doubt he could do all that.

Well he messages me & says he heard that I said he could never do or handle what I do. So apparently his friends are spying on me on social media & I copied down his friends names & got into my settings & blocked them all so now they are unable to see my postings or timelines.

But what really floored me was when I asked my husband who the rat, spy, whistleblower, etc was & his reply was I can't tell you! So I replied back & said ok, that's fine, since you can't tell me, then I can't tell you anything since you value your friends more than me.

I told him if he needs weather & road conditions, he needs to call his cronies! And since he has been a trucker, he has become more demanding & controlling in everything, even sex has to be one sided, his way.

He doesn't talk to me about it & if I disapprove, he becomes explosive & very argumentative & when I ask him why, he says because I just am.

He wants me to totally do everything for him but when I tell him to curb his temper, he says I'll try! I have now blocked his phone # that he can't call me or text me, I have blocked him on social media, & skype & facetime are also blocked & my boss, the office mgr, told him not to call & bother me.

Not seeing or hearing from him, I am now very happy but the shock & hurt to see & hear he is protecting his friend or friends is a betrayal to me. I did not do anything to provoke him or make him this way!

He acts like I have nothing better to do but to cater to him! It has now become a hell when he is home for a few days & heaven when he leaves for the road!

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Jun 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

get out, run, leave, and dont look back. that should solve your issues with him...

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