trucker girlfriend before becoming a trucker wife

Having my boyfriend that is a trucker is a great way getting back in the dating scene slowly. Its actuality nice, I am a older woman that doesn't need a man around 24/7. Its nice when he comes into town because we go out on dates and have a great time.

I do think about how do I know if he's not cheating on me.
This is how I eased my mind.
1. I can call him anytime day or night and he will answer.
2. TRUST, no explanation given
3. He respects me. No strippers, or hookers.
Those are some of the things.

One thing, that stands out the most is when he comes home for being out on the road for 3 weeks at a time he is happy to see me. He kisses me hold my hand pulls me close to him.

I never gripe about anything, I say things like I have a problem how can we handle this. I always tell him he is a hard worker and I love him for it.

Go out on the road with him. Thats what Im planing to do next month. See what his life is all about by having the experience yourself.

Before I make any long term commitment, I have to see what Im getting myself into.

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