Truck loads of fun

by Cindy
(Vancouver BC )

Hi there,

I'm a truckers wife and I know it's hard for both of us he does long haul I work in town. We communicate everyday by text or a phone call just to hear his voice and yes his day's are hard mine are too.

But sometimes its just complaining and I would like to put duck tape on his mouth. lol But I listen cause that's what a good wife does and puts my 2 cents in too. For me it's just by changing the attitude and being happy and just going with the flow of life and appreciate the time together and the time apart.

Communication is the biggie and we do but I told him he can only complain for 5 min cause if it goes over it's $1.00 a minute.

lol He has our little puppie Elvis that goes with him and thank God he helps big time having company in the truck is important he needs his co pilot by his side and I'm so glad Elvis is there with him on his journey.

Thank you

My name is Cindy Tompkins and I am a truckers wife.

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