truck driver blues from the wife point of views


I have recently married a truck driver, met him as a truck driver, and i am still trying to adapt. Adapt to him leaving, i cry almost every time !! Adapt to not knowing when he will be home, when he will leave again.

For a few years he had two runs and we at least always knew when he would leave and when he would be back, but funny enough, i would still cry LOL. I don't mind my time to myself, as long as it is not too long, and we talk everyday.

Some say well keep busy and so's not about keeping busy, and doing other things and going out etc, its about missing a partner, missing the everyday routine With someone you love, being able to reach out and kiss them and hug or just BE in their presence everyday.

Being the wife of a trucker is hard and emotionally difficult, but i love him dearly, and will constantly try and be strong and supportive.

I do say how i feel, but also give him my love. Sometimes i do get upset and take a time out, cry and pout!! But Man do we get it on when he gets home !!! LOL dinner and candles and lots lots of love is my main objective !!!

I was down and read this site, it helped me a lot to know i am not alone !!! Trust, is huge, communication is key (even though my man does not talk, he is learning, its good for both of us and healthy).

You are not alone .... you are not selfish and unreasonable, we just hurt sometimes, and need affection, and to know the connection is there.

I have my husband take pictures and send them to me, so i can see where he is, what the sky looks like, or the load etc, i love that.

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Oct 28, 2011
far from alone
by: hervy

Well I am glad you made it here! You are far from alone. Many come to realize the same thing. We are so grateful for all of you and all of the truckers wives who have figured it all out.

It sounds like despite the grief, tears, and pouting you have figured it out too.

However, it also sounds like you 2 are just met for each other. Both willing to make the other feel comfortable and do what is needed to improve the relationship taking into account the current situation.

It is very true that communication is key always but especially living the trucking lifestyle.

The willingness to work on this by him is awesome. You interest in his days (wanting to see the pics) is awesome. His willingness to take and send the pics is awesome.

These are some of the seemingly little things that the man and women sometimes dismiss and belittle and the spouse takes it very hard.

I am so glad that you two are a great match and does what the other needs to make things work.

Take note couples, this how it is done.

It is all about the give and take.

You both have needs and wants, you both should be willing to try and serve those needs and wants. If you do this you will have less to complain about and more to look forward to.

There are happy couples, they start with happy people with a certain type of personality. You can develop that personality if you care enough to do so.

Be aware of what works in other relationships and alter the things in yours that are the opposite of what works.

Take initiative to make it better. If both of you wait on the other to make it better how is it going to get better.

Ok, sorry to use your thread as a teaching tool, lol but I couldn't help it.

You have no reason for blues, things will be just fine for you! You have a model attitude and relationship. It's not easy, but it is manageable just like you show.

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