by Elizabeth

The change for the first three day was difficult when he left for training. That day I began working out to relieve some stress and I was hoping it will help me avoid a meltdown at night. After the gym I still had a meltdown.

Later I went to the store did some sad shopping got home and when the night came another melt down.

Monday was a drag to work I missed him. I used to wake up next to him and I felt like something was torn from my heart. During work I was fine even after my workout but when I got in bed I felt lonely again.

Tuesday morning I felt sad. When it was time to go to bed at night that day I completely lost it. I took my anger frustrating out on my poor phone I broke it and crushed it and still punch the wall. Then I went to sleep.

Wednesday my hand was aching and I had no phone but I felt relief. I felt like I took off some weights of my shoulders and after work when I got home I finally watched my favorite show again and I relaxed.

Thursday I felt great I started to engage more on my workouts and focus. Now its

Friday he is coming home I feel excited but I know that when he leaves to work again I’ll be fine, because breaking my phone and punching the wall was my way of coupling with the change.

We have no kids yet and we want to have a family that’s why he became a trucker so we can have something set to raise our kids. Some life changes are difficult and hard to cope with but remember if you are blessed to wake up tomorrow make the best out of it and be happy.

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