Totally Taken

by Anonymous

Known him for 24 years. Been sharing apartment the past 4. I took care of the financial responsibilities of living in apartment. He told me things that led me to believe I was important to him.

He was affectionate towards me. He even done things to make me feel special. He would call me every night and was home on the weekends. BUT all that changed 2 years ago.

He started getting mail from lawyers from another state. I didn't ask questions. I thought it was about trucking issues. But one day while I was cleaning I found one of the mailings with a case number on it. I honestly think he wanted me to find it. I googled the case number and found out he had been with a prostitute and a warrant was issued. I have never told him I know about prostitute. I believe in the old saying, give someone enough rope they will hang themselves.

Than this past summer I went with him on the road. He wanted me to go. But I was hestitate. I developed a headache and when I went to see if he had any aspirin, I found prescription bill bottle with a different name on it. I didn't ask questions, I just filed information back in my mind. I hope he knows if he gets stopped by DOT and they find a prescription bottle with someone elses name other than his own, he could loose his CDL. But that's not my problem.

Than I received a friend request on a social media from the same name that was on the prescription bottle. I politely declined friend request. I thought that was the end of that. But the person had enough nerve to send me a message on the social media site telling me that "Who knows we could have something in" I knew than. He was seeing her.

Than while sitting by his cell that he normally turns off at night, his cell phone vibrated and as I reached for my can of pop, a text from the same name on the prescription bottle and friend request, wanting to know why he hadn't called or texted wishing her a happy anniversary.

When I confronted him, he told me I was crazy and that he was NOT seeing someone else. Right. What hurts the most he didn't respect me enough or thought I was worthy enough to know the truth. Ive finally realized he was using me and apartment to pursue his hobby that kept him from developing a closeness with me.

So ladies be thankful your husbands or boyfriends are faithful and loyal to you while they are on that long ribbon of highway, some of us are not that lucky. But Im not lumping ALL truckdrivers to this ones category because not all truckdrivers all the same.

Now I that I think about it, this one is not a REAL truckdriver, he uses someone elses truck to play his games while he is on his 10 hour breaks. I just wonder when that warrant is going to show up. He has been stopped in other states and warrant hasn't showed up yet. I wonder how he is going to get out of that one, one thing for sure I wont be there, not my problem anymore.

Maybe if the trucking company reminds him, he works for them and not the other way around, he would what a real truckdriver goes thru. Would I date or have another relationship with another truckdriver, sure would but next time with my eyes very wide open. lol

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Nov 28, 2014
good for u NEW
by: Anonymous

glad to hear that u got out of that horrible relationship more so you have moved forward!! congrats!!

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