Tired Of These Truck Drivers Lack of Professionalism

by Tired of it

Since when did truck drivers turn into drama queens? I used to respect truck drivers and always wanted to be one but nowadays id be embarrassed to call myself a trucker.

You have certain safety responsibilities driving a semi. That DOES NOT include cutting people off, running them off the road, staying in left lane for way longer than needed to pass, then jumping into the right lane when someone has had enough of your games and tries to pass on the right.

I see truckers speeding constantly in bad conditions, riding peoples bumpers scaring them, and causing drama on the road. All while hiding in your truck.

Im sure not all of you are like that but the majority of you are. And yes i know cuz ive been on the road almost 20 years with well over a million miles of delivery experience nationwide.

Its sad to see that causing drama and being rude and dangerous takes priority over peoples safety. Like i said i used to hold you guys in high regard, but lately im scared to drive next to you anymore.

Slow down and be safe before you kill someone, its not hard. If you cant, then get a different job.

Our lives are worth more than the little chickenshit games you play. Remind everyone that you have more responsibility on the road so act like it.

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Sep 03, 2023
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Jan 04, 2023
Wonderful Posts About So Called Professional Truckers
by: Hervy

I think you did a pretty good job poster. Except obviously all truckers are like this and not most.
Would be chaos out here is that was true.

HOWEVER there are far too many truckers who drive JUST the way you describe. And the reason for that is not the trucking job or trucking lifestyle or lack of trucking skills.

The reason for that is ATTiTudE. And it's an attitude problem not just in trucking it's the dominant attitude of society.

Being self centered, with little concern for others, lacking the ability to reason and even in some cases critical thinking skills.

So when these types of people get behind the wheel of a truck, it makes the truck a very dangerous weapon because they drive in the way you speak of.

And although people in cars drive the EXACT same way which we have to deal with every day. Here's the deal..... We are supposed to be professionals much like police are SUPPOSED to or SHOULD professional at interacting with people better than the rest of society.

Truckers should demonstrate more patience, more proactive thinking and maneuvers, they should be more safety conscious and respect other drivers on the highway.

But here we are.

Face it, even the police won't use turn signal half of the time! That's SO easy to do yet I see too often they don't

So yes I agree there are many truckers who should be ticketed if not pulled out the truck all together due to the way they drive.

You are smart to not ride beside ANY truck though, even the good professional drivers. So that's a great habit for you.

You might help fight this trucking unprofessionalism by helping to promote the page in the link where I try to proactive coach trucks to drive as a professional and not do the things that you have pointed out.

Make sure to share the two links below to all social media. That will help bring attention to the issues you have mentioned and provide a smarter, safer, more considerate trucking culture.

The right attitude to be a successful trucker

What is a Professional Truck Drivers

Are Truckers Still Professional

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