Tips for surviving being a trucker's wife

by Carrie
(Omaha, NE)

Support your man--Being out on the road day in day out isn't easy for him either. He needs to know that you've got his back.
TALK to him---show interest in what he's doing, where he's going, the shippers & recievers he's dealing with. Even the landscape he's seeing, & traffic on the road.

Incorporate HIS day to day life into the conversation.

Share with him--tell him (not nag, or complain) what's going on at home. KEEP YOUR ANXIETIES IN CHECK!!

He can feel helpless because he's not there to help you out, or he can feel like you're nagging him, & that can lead to him becomming anxious as well & cause him to "pull back".

Send him pics of what's going on at home. (slip in a pic of just yourself too)

When he comes home--Don't lay into him about chores, kids,and other problems. Instead greet him with loving, open arms, let him know you are glad he's home.

Slip the other stuff in later and NICELY!!!!!!

When he leaves--Show him gratitude. Let him know how wonderful it was to have him home, & let him know that you'll be ok while he's gone (because you WILL).

Tell him you'll miss him & look forward to his return.

Let him know you are thinking of him--slip a note into his duffle bag from you & the kids, to be discovered later.

Don't nag--it's rough on you that he's gone, but don't nag at him about being gone. He knows it's rough. Bring that topic up in a NICE, & CALM mannor.

Letting him know that you appreciate him, & support him & can hold down the fort, will make HIM also appreciate YOU, & keeps him looking forward to comming home.

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Apr 17, 2012
Thank you!!!!!!!!!! NEW
by: Cynthia Harris

I really needed this!!! I needed to know about ways to be strong for him, appreciate him, and how to let him know how things are going. I dont need to ignore him and just hope he calls. i love the ideas of random texts, pics, notes, and such. I needed to know how important it is to greet him at the door now. I had gotten out of greeting him at the door. I need to get back to that. I truly do miss him. and i need to let him know that but still make him know how much he is appreciated and loved for the sacrifices he is making. hes home every weekend but its still hard. With all the support I am finding here, I think i will finally be okay and be able to make the necessary changes to make the best of our situation. I love him and i won't lose him again. Nor will i continue to let myself get out of touch. thanks again for such great ideas and insight!!!!!!

Mar 18, 2012
Thanks fir the tips NEW
by: Missing him

My husband has been in training for OTR driving for three weeks now and not expected home for another two. Children are adults in other states and I am home alone but this tip for surviving being a trucker's wife has but a smile on my face. I'm ok with it for now. Thanks!!!

Mar 11, 2011
Missing him.
by: Anonymous

Your statement was great! I am brand new to this life, my hubby as only been trucking for 3 months and I feel the same way. I am fine at home alone, miss him , and you are right I will be fine.

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