thoughts from a trucker's girl

I have been dating a truck driver for a while. I wrote this one night when he was having a bad day, and not being near him i didn't know how to help...

So i just wrote this for him and told him i love him, and i'm here. I'm not going anywhere unless it's with him. As difficult as his lifestyle is for me, it must be worse for him. But he loves what he does. I don't want to change him, i just want to have him in my life.

My life is better with him in it, even if i don't know when i will see him next. So i find myself using my atlas and making spur of the moment road trips to meet up with him on the road.

Enjoy the poem.

This balance of past and future,
It's a twisted game we play.
Never knowing when I'll see you again,
it's torturous day after day.
I miss you every minute,
all day of every day.
So i replay our times together,
and i try to come up with a way...
A way to get near you,
to look in your eyes,
a way to be with you,
and off my mind flies.
The struggle is real,
past and future collide.
It's a beautiful torture,
a roller coaster ride.

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