Thinking if we should get married or not....

It's ROUGH! Reading the previous stories about the wifes with kids really made my eyes watery a bit. I can only imagen their pain.

As for me: I started dating this guy since Junior yr/ high school (in 12th grade) he began working for a company owner who turned out to love him like one of his sons,told him he was going to teach him so much so he could one day own his own company since he saw that my boyfriend was a hard worker.

Things changed so much after graduation... he started working,a lot more. Going to different states. I see him once a month. He calls me just to say good night or to talk but ends up falling asleep on me.

We argue so much,because of that.

I cry every night because I love him so much but It really sucks feeling so lonely. He tells me to stop being selfish, he's doing this so we can have a better future but I don't even know anymore. Like I said I see him once a month.

So keep in mind: Since my senior yr we haven't spent valentines day together,my birthday, his birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or New yrs together.

On our anniversary we were supposed to be together all day but we only ate breakfast at Ihop when his boss called him that they were going out of town and he left......

We've been dating for 6 years now. He told me he wants to get married next yr 2015. But I don't even know if I want to do it anymore. I think about the future and how worse things can get.

He doesn't see it that way.....

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