Things My Trucker Husband does to show his love for me.

by Christine

Sometimes I have to remind my self of these things when I am lonely when he is gone.

1) He calls me everyday at least once and or more than 3 times to just shoot the shit.
2)When he comes close to home he calls and ask me to spend the night with him
3)He likes it when I clean his truck when he is home.
4)Sometimes he will cook dinner when he is home.
5)Sometimes when he is close by he calls and tells me to bring the family to meet him for dinner.
6) I get his whole check and pay whatever needs to be paid also I call him and ask him if I can spend money on something and he always says sure.
7)When he calls and I can't answer he always leaves me a message that say he will talk to me soon and he loves me.
8)We talk about all the little things about him driving and we talk about all the little things about home life too.
9)He works hard to make sure we have everything the family needs and he bust his ass everyday to make a good life for us.
10)He told me it was ok if I wanted to stay home with our kids and didn't work. (This was the greatest thing because I have worked full time since I was 15 and we have 3 kids and 2 I never got to be at home when they were little).
11)He values my opinion on almost everything.

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