the wildest roller coaster ride ever!!!!

by Vickie
(Blanchard, ok)

My husband and I were married for 8 years before he became a trucker. But... I came from a long line of them.

My first husband was a long haul trucker as well and as history states it ruined our married( cuz he couldn't keep it in his pants).So when my husband announced he was going to driver training and was hitting the open road, I was like OMG here we go again. lol

At first it was great, when he came home it was like our honeymoon was happening all over again. Now you must realize we had 4 children oldest at the time was 16, the 15, then 9, and 2. 2 boys and 2 girls.

We also lived on a working farm, 98 head of hog and 2 cows, ducks galore, goats the whole nine yards. Well what used to consume my husbands time before and after his local job, with the help of the entire family was now thrust upon me and four children.

Now the second OMG is I was on workers comp for a bad elbow and couldn't lift or push or pull anything. My marriage began to suffer when my husband (and he still does this) expected our lives to stop when he was on the road. Chores to be done exactly as he would do them.

Well he was duly disappointed in us. Our main source of heat for our home is a wood stove, which means gathering and chopping wood.

He felt like we moved on with out him ignoring our cries for him.

Still today and he is an owner operator now, he still feels cheated. We, I tru with all we have to include him in our daily lives but without realizing it he shuts us out and doesn't have time to deal with the ramblings as he puts it.

Well our children now 20, 19, 12, and 6, has ways to go on despite the constant fighting, and hurtful life their dad and I have become accustomed to. The love is still there but I cant make the world stop because of his career choice.

He damn good at what he does and we all are proud of him for all he does and what he sacrifices each day but he needs to realize also that we can only do so much and we have slowed life down as far as it will allow us too.

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Jun 22, 2010
time to pull the brakes
by: american trucker

Mam I am a 25yr otr driver and Educator you can read my bio on here.

I personally think papa needs to pull the brakes and slow the ride down.seems the next hill you come down will be to fast to handle.Why dont he put a driver in seat and be able to stay home more i can help him find a good driver.As a matter of fact call my friend Heather at Truckers Voice tell her Carl (American Trucker) asked you to call.She will help you.You can even look her up on Face Book.
I hope all turns out well for your family.

Best Wishes
Carl (American Trucker)

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