The wife left behind around negative minded people!!

by Paige Roberts
(Pikeville ky USA )

A week ago my husband got a call for a job!! .. Even though he has been out of work for 7 months now this was a break I was a so excited for him, but only to learn that he will be traveling 5 states away.

It was devastating to me and are 2 children they told him he will be leaving Friday and are son 2nd birthday is Monday . I never in my life thought I would have to do anything like this before to be with someone and still fill like a single mother it killed me inside !

I knew he needed this job because my income was not working for us you see I was only making $2.13 and hour plus tips I was waitress and it was not cutting it still isn't .. But I felt like this job was a sign that maybe we can get are life straight .

But a whole lot of new worries started when family and friends are bringing us down talking about the girls?? And the drugs it has got me in the worse mess idk what I'm going to do or feel about a truckers wife ?

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Nov 12, 2015
Stereotypes NEW
by: Sarah

Everybody assumes that truckers are fat guys that have women in every town. Not sure where the drugs fit in since it is strictly forbidden for drivers to be on anything. I'm very outspoken and have no problem informing people that I trust my husband. My family started bad mouthing my hubby at first until I pointed out that he sends home more money in one week then they make in two. Do some research and stand up to them. You will face people like that all the time so no better time then now to start standing up for your husband. Did you know there are more millionaire truckers then there are doctors and lawyers combined? Oh yea and if drivers were to stop driving by day three the entire country would be shut down and starving. Learn the tidbits and use them.

Nov 05, 2015
Surround yourself with like-minded people NEW
by: Addie

There are numerous virtual support groups of other wives; it is imperative that you try to connect! Those who do not live this life make assumptions, judgements and bad advice! DO NOT allow yourself to get sucked in! Only other trucker wives really know the struggles and how to get through them! Choose your circle wisely! Much love!❤️

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