the new girl on the block

by Karla
(Lake Havasu City)

Its been a long hard road! but we both knew what it was going to be. He went to school and now works for a company as a trainer? If you can get the student, that was where the money was?

Now as of Dec. 1st we are moving it was OK go ahead do it get the family moved. Here i sit and he is in Utah doing a 34 hour reset headed to Oregon and still no student 3 weeks no paycheck and basically another week no paycheck.

I know I can deal with the stuff here but when he tells me hes going to be here and i know in my heart its not going to happen what do you do?

I try to keep him going but at least the payments were being paid on the truck now we are way behind, and its not paying the bills at home.

How do i stay optimistic and keep him going in 3 years we will own the truck? I want to scream! We have a pact he starts driving, he calls me, hes done driving, he calls me no matter what time it is.

Right now I am confused. Not happy with the company he is with but hey i guess you do what you have yo do. Thanks for listening to me!

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