The Life of a Truckers Wife

by Shannon Jennings
(McCool, MS)

Well let me start off by saying Trucking is our source of income. With five children ranging from age seventeen to age five, I am a stay at home mom and truckers wife.

I have the responsibility of raising honorary teenagers to "wild child" syndrome children. I am now researching the owner operator truck industry for my husband, for several different reasons:

I married him to be with him not away for 3 weeks out of 4,

WE NEED MORE MONEY, and for his personal happiness!!! If he is happy, he is making money and he is back tracking to the house by the weekend... I love my husband dearly and support him in anything he sets out to do.

He says, " Owning my own truck has always been a dream for me since I was a small child, but dreams are not real." Well I beg to differ, "I believe you can turn dreams into reality and that's what I set out to do and if it is God willing I believe it will work out.

I cope with the support of my husband, even if he is away. I am a very positive person and try my hardest to stay that way, I mean with five children you have to be, right? Otherwise, I would be in a resort called the crazy house by now !!!!

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