The best of the best and worst of the worst

by kate mouser



Hi there I am a wife of a long haul trucker that became disabled due to a truck wreck..He was home an average of 4 days a month but we filled those four days with so much fun love and cuddles our kids thought they had the world by the toe

I loved being the wife of a trucker. it takes a woman of strength smarts and humor to make it ... you are mommie daddy and everything in between and NOBODY understands until they walk in your shoes. I turned to my heavenly father for help and the number one thing you have to have is TRUST in your Man and he has to have the same in you...

My Husband was and still is my best friend.

A funny story we were living on the coast in Bellingham WA and he was running Oregon Cali and Washington into Canada it was Feb of 1988 and he was coming over the grade that comes from Cali into Oregon. Well he was cruising along and all of a sudden he heard a pop and wondered what it was well he was loaded a full 80,000 lbs so thought he'd pull off and check.

He soon found out it was his break line had popped so NO BRAKES down a mountain highway what fun. well he dodged traffic blew horns and rode it out as he said it was the wildest rodeo he'd ever seen but got to the bottom climbed out of the truck kissed the road and called home to tell me we were getting married after 7 years of him saying in time someday he knew it was time and said he saw everything flash and a wedding was the first thing so it scared him into marrying me and still going strong thank you BRAKES....

Kate Mouser a Proud x-truckers wife

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