Takes a special woman to be a truckers wife

by Jennifer T.

My husband has been a trucker for 20+ yrs. We've been together for 14 yrs. We have 2 young children. It's not easy. The time apart definitely puts a strain on your marriage. You become a "single parent" 95% of the time (depending on how long he's out). You the mother and father.

When things tear up its you to me to fix it or get it fixed. When your sick and like me have nobody to help with kids you must press on without help. Trucking doesn't always pay good contrary to what some think. It has ups and downs.

For the stress and problems they deal with their pay in most situations doesn't cut it. For me, what he deals with and what I deal with stress is high. On top of all that (& more) you also worry about if there ok and hoping they don't get robbed, hurt or worse.

If your new to this life be prepared for loneliness & running the house and problems that arise at home on your own. Be prepared for home time to be busy getting ready to leave again. Sometimes home time doesn't come thru because of a broke down truck or weather and etc.

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