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My husband has been doing trucking now for 5 months & the first month he was with the trainer.

After passing his final test,they gave him his own truck.They gave him a team driver that left him & he went solo for a month before they gave him another team driver.

Well my husband calls me last month & tells me he has a severe case of the chills & I told him to get to a doctor & he kinda doctored it with drinking water & cranberry juice.

The symptoms subsided & then he had them start up again & he went to a hospital & the docs gave him medicine & he told me that one of the docs asked him if he was having unprotected sex & my husband said he told the doc no!

Well now that my husband got out of the hospital & went back to the truck, his team driver told him that by Thanksgiving he'll be off the truck & him & my husband will go their separate ways.

I asked my husband why & he said his driver did not give him an answer. I was just at my family doctor for a sinus infection & I saw the PA (physician assistant) & I asked him if UTIs or prostatitis cause severe chills & he told me no!

Are there wives ir girlfriends out there that has had similar situations? I don't want to accuse him right to his face but at the same time I am not going to feel intimate with him when he does come home because I feel betrayed because my husband would never tell me & be honest if he had a 1 night stand.

He probably thought he could get away with it because we are miles apart & possibly got caught & the PA said that if my husband came to him or the doctor they would just give him an antibiotic for an UTI & they wouldn't test him for a possible STD is because he is married!

Also my husband is not up to date medically on info meaning he thinks as long as he gets an antibiotic he is cured & I am afraid now to have intimacy with him knowing what I know & I feel the team driver knows something I don't know & he can't fill me in because him & I do not know each other!

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Feb 06, 2014
Suspicious??? NEW
by: Deb

Why not just confront him and tell him of your suspicions? At least it will get a dialogue going and maybe you can get him to go to a doctor.

Nov 11, 2013
Uncle talking my brother out of trucking NEW
by: Anonymous

I am not the wife of a trucker but the wife of a soldier who is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army who is deployed overseas & the only reason I was introduced to this site was from my brother who is still in high school but graduates June of 2014 & wants to be a trucker but my uncle is doing some serious talk & the reason I am in this posting is because this brings home a lot of issues. I have trust in my husband & the company commander's wife holds meetings at her home for us wives to cheer us up & have a sounding board. Now there were a few women that brought up is it possible that our husbands are doing it with other female soldiers or with the Iraqi women & the commander's wife told them there is a war going on, there thinking more to stay safe & make it home in one piece. Now for the posting about this lady, well a truck driver has more access to getting it on the road than a soldier out on the battlefield. And the reason my uncle is talking my brother out of becoming a trucker is because my uncle said anyone with a CDL can make it into trucking, even an ex-felon whereas with the military, they do not accept ex-felons. I said to my uncle you gotta be kidding me & he said nope & he told my brother if you want to make something out of yourself & have people proud of you, do what your brother-in-law is doing & join the military. So after my brother had military recruiters at his school, after he graduates, he is thinking about joining the U.S. Navy & after he has time in the Navy, to then become a SEAL. Now in reference to what you were saying, well the commander's wife does have a brother in trucking & he is single but he has told her that all truckers get stuff for free out there on the road & her brother is team & her brother drives during the day while his team driver drives at night & when her brother is trying to sleep in the sleeper berth, his team driver will go to the driver's lounge to watch tv & leave him alone while he is trying to sleep so which means if his team driver is out of the truck for 10 hours or more, that is plenty of time to get some booty without anyone knowing it! So it is very possible that this lady has a reason to be suspicious! I know a little about trucking from the commander's wife's knowledge on her brother & don't forget about these 34 hour resets where they have to sit at a truck stop where there are plenty of lot lizards to knock on the door & you are with your boyfriend so you know what he is doing! And you did mention your name & you are on facebook & you did ask her to contact you! Why would she do that? You would know her name, then you possibly would give her name to the guy that is running this site & then you both would post it on facebook & then it would get back to her husband. I have nothing to hide but I sure wouldn't contact someone that I didn't know on facebook or twitter!

Nov 08, 2013
RE:Suspicious NEW
by: Sheri

I honestly believe ur overreacting. It's very hard to find a partner to run team with. Usually they r strangers and u may get some who don't run alot of miles or scream and yell on their cell while u r trying to sleep or drive recklessly. U have to totally get along with and trust ur partner or it won't work. This time of yr is the worst for truckers getting sick. U may be in CA today in 80 degree weather and tomorrow in CO in 19 degree weather . The public restrooms r the worst. Majority of truckers, after they r thru driving, just want a hot meal, hot shower and comfy bed. They aren't thinking bout lot lizards. It is dang near impossible to screw around if u r running team cause the truck us always rolling . That's the only way to make money. U really need to stop being so suspicious of ur husband. He is out here making money for the family and when he gets home all he wants is to spend tone with his family and not hear all the bitching and accusing. If u do that then I guarantee u will destroy ur marriage.he doesn't need bitchy angry calls from u while he's on the road . He needs to be concentrating on the road while he is driving and not be distracted by unnecessary crap or he might not make it back home.The last thing I'm sure u don't want is for himto wreck his truck and get hurt. If I sound harsh I apologize. . I just know how it is out here cause I'm a female trucker and I run team with my boyfriend.( he's easy to get along with lol) if u want to know anything else or gave any questions u can reach me on FB. My name is Sheri Toomey. I would be glad to help ease ur mind. Take care:)

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