super sad lonley and raising our son alone.

by krystle

Hi. My husband is an otr tanker for schnieder. He just switched. Was working for BTC otr flatbedder... He started driving a lil over a year ago..

my husband was a sweet caring understanding man great husband and father. However, since he has started to change in the last 6 months. He's become lazy, rude, does not help w anything when hes home...

Now i love my husband very much and he's never really cheated on me.. i mean We had a few incidents happen back a few yrs ago, but now i've got something that's worrying me.

About two months ago i found texts on his phone, We had switched providers and gotten new phones, so i was clearing out his old phone to give to his brother and came across some txts from a girl becca.

They were telling each other "id really like to see you hun :)" and my husband would reply back with "id really like to see you to" and my husband would txt her "We can meet up and jus grab a bite to eat jus sit and talk dont have to be anything special" ...

Ok i would tell you more but he had deleted previous messages. He claims he wasn't cheating and it was just bad wording but my husband has never been the one to call anyone hun but me.

Now he claims hes always called girls hun and it wasn't like that.. etc.. he also claims he wasn't meeting up with just her but that it was her and her husband .. or x husband i guess it would be. Idk.

His story dnt add up if it was a couple y was he talking to her like that?

I really need some advice this wont get outta my head.

We have a 19 month old son and i really dont wanna leave 8 probably wont leave. I just wish i knew the truth. he wont tell me the truth. At least i don't buy his story anyways please help.

Anyone have an opinion or advice?

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Oct 24, 2011
trucker health thought
by: carol

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