Stop saying all truckers are cheaters and not worth being with

Ok first of all I am a truckers wife we actually met in trucking school. So I have done the long haul job. I don’t now due to health issues. My husband does.

Yes I am damn lonely. But to say that these men and women that keep our economy going and providing every item we need to live. If u eat it water it live in it drive it a trucker delivered it. So someone has to do it.

This is my second marriage we met later in life but have been together 8 years, 4 years I have not been driving.

We have no kids at home and I am not a social person so it makes it lonely when he is gone. But I know he is faithful if u ask truckers they worry that because they aren’t home their spouses will stray just like a lot of u think.

I did the job it is damn lonely out there living in a tiny tin box is no fun. It takes a strong man to do this job and a strong lady to stand behind them.

Yes it’s hard on a marriage omg it’s hard on who’s home and who is gone. If your man cheats on u it would t matter if he was a trucker or not.

He or she most likely would have cheated anyhow.
My first husband wasn’t a trucker and was a cheater and I was more lonely with him. As a truckers wife I have a head set on a lot and I chat with my husband while I am doing housework or driving to do errands.

We talk a lot we have great communication we know more about each other than most couple living full time together. Sometime we just listen to a basket ball game or music. Yes I am lonely because my bed is empty my kitchen table I am the only one sitting there but I get it I did the job.

It takes a strong mate to be married to a long haul truck driver and a lot of extra work to keep the relationship going. Use some of your time write him notes make him cookie his favorite meal for the road or send snacks he likes.

Make him know u care. We can video chat now days it helps. Text him email him call him or her parent teacher meetings have him on speaker phone.

There’s ways of making it work. Yes u will still be lonely but it helps keep spark in the relationship.

Stop saying all truckers are cheaters and not worth being with and selfish. It takes two to make a relationship work put in the same efforts to keeping your relationship going and it can improve and be quite magical.

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Feb 27, 2021
A Breath of Fresh Air For Trucker Wives
by: Hervy

Thanks for posting your experience and insight.

As you know many trucker spouses and people in general think negatively about OTR truckers when it comes to relationships and cheating.

You give a much needed different and positive perspective. Which I think is a more common reality than the other. But of course people complain about and spread the bad/pain/problems more than the good/healthy relationships.

Which I understand. It's part of human nature. We have to be mindful enough to get that. Most people don't.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing and many wishes for better health and continued relationship success.

I think your post will help many trucker wives feel better about being with a trucker.

Although you left no name or locale, I feel they can tell you're a real person. lol.

(I always wish these types of posts would include as least a suedo name! )

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