Soon To be a Truckers Wife

Well here's my Story....
I met my fiance in May of 2009. He was driving then and was home every two weeks..Very Hard..Fell in love right away. I was divorced for 2 years when i met my trucker and had four daughters from a previous marriage..He continued driving and coming home to us on his days off.

I went out with him a little while my kids were with their father and i fell in love with the whole trucking lifestyle myself. In October his mother got sick and he took a personal leave and we brought her here to my house so we could care for her until she was better, after that it was time for him to leave for the road again and we were both so torn, he didn't want to leave me and my girls and i didn't want him to leave.

He quit driving at that time and came to live with us, our hopes were that he would find local work driving and doing what he loves and still get to be home with us in the process..It never happened, everywhere we looked turned us down..

We have survived up until now on what income i have..He left yesterday for orientation for a trucking company . I wanted so much for him to just stay and never be a trucker again, but i have realized i would only be holding him back from what he really loves to do..

Its very hard to be a Truckers Wife, fiance, or Girlfriend. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of tears..I'm very proud of my man, he is doing what he loves and trying to provide a better life for me and my girls because he loves us. That says alot about him.

hes a good man and im a very lucky person to have found him..

Thanks everyone for reading...

Soon to be truckers wife,
Home in North Carolina

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Sep 18, 2010
by: Kourtney marie

Hey I'm Kourtney My life was alot like yours when I was growing up. I may only be 23 but iv been through alot Growing up my mom died when I was born it was me my dad and 6 brothers but they were all drivers. I'm a driver now too but I know the pain of having them gone all the time I was the outcast at scool I had nobody except cousins but yet everybody said just pray things will get better and I know people probly say it all the time to you but I promise it gets easier just have faith!!! I'm also from north Carolina I miss it so much!
If you ever wanna talk just email me

Aug 20, 2010
Soon To Be
by: Hervy

Well congratulations on your upcoming wedding and finding what seems to be a good man!

I really appreciate when you ladies post about the good men too. It's easy to post about the pain and suffering caused by the clowns who mistreat their wives.

Posting about the good guys says a lot about you as well as the man you have found.

I will help others to have hope in spite of seeing some of the horror stories when seeing how some relationships are going in the right directions (even though that doesn't always mean without struggle).

Wish the best your yous guys and hope things will continue to work out in your favor.

Start developing a plan so the next time he jumps out it can be jumping out for good if that is what you guys want.

Maybe there is a little side business you can start building on in your spare time.

What are your interests, passions, hobbies and how can it help or be marketed to others. What needs do you see that is not being met in the community.

Maybe you can help him get back out of the truck one day!

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