Some thoughts from a Trucker's fiancé <3

by Jessica
(Hawthorne, FL)

I have been with my fiancé for about a year and a half. When we met, he was contemplating taking a career in truck driving but wasn't sure about it.

He had been with an unsupportive person in the past.

I told him that I really thought it was a good idea... Good money, good benefits, and a life long career.. He finished truck driving school and decided to drive over the road (OTR).

He is gone for about a month at a time and home for about 5 days.. The home time depends on which company the driver chooses. Every company is different!

Thankfully, my fiancé chose a company that lets him pick when he wants to come home. He just lets his dispatcher know ahead of time and we plan our lives around his home time.

I work full time and go to school full time. Therefore, his time away seems to fly by for the most part, which is a good thing.

We recently got engaged... He planned it all out while working! It was so sweet... He came home and took me to a nice dinner. He had my Christmas present all ready for me since he wasn't home for Christmas. It was a designer Coach purse! He hid my ring in the pocket of the purse! :-) I gave him his presents when we got home.

It was by far the best Christmas a girl could have asked for!

Long story made short, as long as you are supportive and attentive to your relationship, being a truckers spouse comes natural..

Be faithful, always listen to his day, always care where he's driving to and from, let him know what your daily plans are.. Always ask his opinion on things.

Don't bother him with small problems that you can resolve on your own. Remember, anything negative that you tell him will repeat in his head throughout the rest of his day...

We have things at home to occupy our time and minds... All he does is drive all day! Which gives him plenty of thinking time.... Therefore, you should always be giving him positive thoughts!

He is an important person, never let him forget that... Never let your conversations die.. Always keep things interesting! Be sexy! Make him look forward to coming home!

A woman's work is never done... Even more so of you are a trucker's wife.

Enjoy it!

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