sleep studies gone wild!

by laurie

i know this isn't about the topic but i am so angry my husband has his yearly physical and passed with flying colors he is 6 foot five and 340 a large man he has no health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure or hyper tension nothing takes no medications.

since his neck measured more than seventeen inches around and his body mass index was up the dr that the company made him go to referred him to a sleep study .

they told him they would give him his physical card for three months and if he didn't get the study done he wouldn't get it back.

so we went along with this study. he went to the Dr came home with a packet that informed us that there was several sites he could go too for the study and the paperwork said don't worry about your co pay should of been our first red flag right.

well anyways, he went for his consultation which took ten or fifteen minutes in which the Dr simply explained how it was done he didn't touch a hair on his head. we got the bill mind you our co pay is forty five dollars for an office visit.

Well they charged us three hundred and five dollars . my husband asked a friend who went to the same doctor but at different facility. he was charged the forty five co pay i have fought round and round with them and they will not change the charge.

and the whole great news is my husband doesn't have sleep apnea this is another wonderful thing to put on the American truck driver , it isn't a law to make the truck driver take the tests but they sure can hold your physical card and make you or your plain our of luck.

this is wrong in ever sense of the word . what country do we live in. now we have medical bills we cannot afford to pay his company says its our problem to pay them and being charged more than our copay is a slap in the face.

These places are above reproach. i called my husbands boss today to inform him that this was happening that maybe he can somehow pass along to his drivers that they need to be aware of the charges that are different.

ya wanna know what he said... he said well i cannot discuss this with you because your not employed here. i can appreciate this, i was just looking out for fellow truck drivers trying to spare them the months of phone calls i have had to make but it seems no one cares for the plight of the American trucker.

Hard working men and women who show up move the country and just do their job.... where is the justice i believe that justice is gone...

simply the wife of a trucker .......

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Nov 14, 2011
Sleep studies mafia NEW
by: Hervy

wow Lauri,

Sorry to hear about you guys getting bullied by the sleep study mafia over there. If they don't straighten you out maybe you need to contact the attorney general or someone.

Thanks for giving us a warning about this. Let us know how it plays out.


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