Seasoned trucker's wife..........or not. How We Do It

by Sarah

My husband and I have been together for four years but it feels like a lifetime. We have three children at home and four that are either grown or (in the case of one) living with my mother. The kids at home range from 2 to 7 along with a couple cats and a huge dog.

My hubby is out for 6 or 7 days at a time then comes home to do his reset. I am your typical trucker's wife. Excited to have him come home but after a day or so I'm asking when his next load leaves out.

The only thing tougher then a trucker is his wife and so many times drivers forget that. I know my hubby complains about how hard it is on the road and working but tends to forget that I deal with a lot too. I am a single mother with the benefit of a husband. So many times they forget that we work too!

My hubby comes home and it's like adding another kid to the house that I have to cook for and clean up after. I know a lot of wives that feel the same as I do. They get a couple days off but we don't. If you're feeling overwhelmed talk to your spouse. Many times we just have to remind them because lets face it, men don't get it.

I talked to my hubby and now when he comes home he tries to let me have a few hours of alone time. Granted it doesn't last very long since the kids drive him nuts pretty quick but it's something.

Do I worry? Hell yea I worry. He calls me every day and I'm sitting here fretting because I haven't heard from him in over 24 hours. The fear doesn't go away. Our men are working in one of the most dangerous career fields. The fact is though, we have to deal with it.

My hubby is a third generation trucker. He grew up in a semi. Diesel runs in his veins. So for those of you who are fretting find a way to deal with it because you can't pull a true driver out of a truck; it just doesn't end well. My suggestion: find a hobby.

Do not demand that he come out of the truck because in the end he'll be unhappy and he will blame you. Being a trucker's wife takes a very special woman and not everybody can do it. It takes a dedication that most women don't even know exist.

Always remember that his truck is the other woman in his life and demanding the other woman leaves, in this case, doesn't work out very well.

I always joke with my hubby that he loves his truck more then me; he pops up and says he thinks I love my horse more then him lol. Hey, at least my horse doesn't dirty up the house and talk back lmao. I'm sure he'll say the same about his truck.

Learn to love the truck too because it is part of them.

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Nov 13, 2015
Doing it well
by: Hervy

Sarah thanks so much for sharing your experience as a truckers wife. I think you and hubby have a pretty good grasp of making the trucking lifestyle work.

I hope readers realize several things from your posts.

1. You both listen to each other
2. You take the other person's feelings/thoughts seriously
3. You are willing to alter your behavior to improve your contribution to the relationship.

If only one person does these things obviously 1, person will not feel good about it.

With both people having that type of attitude and mindset, the relationship can thrive.

So, if both are not on that level readers, you might want to work on figuring out how to bring your spouse (or yourself as the case may be) to that way of thinking. That might mean personal development. My CD (Taking Trucking To The Next Level, available on Amazon) is designed to provide some of that line of thinking and exposure. I talk a lot about relationships.

There are many other resources as well that help bring a person up to that higher energy level positive way of thinking and looking at life. Books, CDs, etc.

Anyway, thanks again Sarah for sharing and we your family the best.

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