Rosemans Girl

by Chelsea Roseman
(Nashville, TN)

These days are some of the hardest I have had to overcome. I have 2 children from a previous marriage and I am currently pregnant with twins!

I know that I don't have to deal with the everyday struggle of raising the children alone because I have help with my older 2 children but him not being here for the pregnancy is extremely hard for both of us.

He misses everything...ultrasounds, baby kicks, all the good things about pregnancy. We have a nanny that watches the children and takes care of the house while we are out working so I always have someone there is times get unbearable for me but I really love to spend time with my kids. They take my mind off of the fact that hes not there for a moment.

He and I get along okay with being apart mostly because we use skype every night until one of us falls asleep. This makes things a lot easier because I can see my handsome man and he can see me. It's definitely not the same as him being here and I miss his touch and his kisses and him everyday but I know that he will more than likely be home sometime soon.

Having a job also helps for me. I am nurse practitioner and I work practically all day from 6:30AM-6PM. He and I talk everyday and we talk when I go to lunch. I love him more and more everyday and I appreciate everything that he does daily to show me that he loves me and I stand behind him in every decision he makes, he is my rock and my bestfriend.

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