Regrets few, choices many

by Elizabeth

Met my guy almost 40 years ago, his father and grandfather were both wasn't easy but he followed in their footsteps.

A highway trucker,he knew the value of home time and even tho he says I raised our two children. I know he contributed a lot in his own ways.

I grew up stronger and independent when it was necessary and so did our children and they love him all the more when he is on the road.

Its not an easy life, but you can become stronger and grow together if you see it as a life experience and choice. Just make sure you have a support system or at least sympathetic friends or family.

We all can learn and love and grow..but if we set our own hopes and wants above others, entering into it blindly then nothing you can do will help make it easier.

Give and take, share and care do what is needed to be done, life wont end and you might be surprised by the inner strength many of us truly have hidden away. The influences you have over a husband , wife, or children is a lot stronger then some know.

My heart goes out to those that are struggling with it. Be secure in the knowledge tho..there are many of us around and we sympathize with each and everyone of you.

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