Reconnecting on our First OTR experience together

by Laura
(Vancouver BC)

I had the most amazing experience going OTR for the first time on a short three day trip. It was so nice to spend that time with my man - not having to share him with anyone else. I loved the peace and quiet as well as enjoying intimate conversation over the course of the time we spent together - without the interruption of the phone, the computer and the kids. We definitely became closer in our relationship and I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for what he does for a living.

I think he came away with a better understanding of my inner workings as well.

I would suggest to any wife, fiance or girlfriend - make an effort to go on a trip whenever possible. Look to it as an incredible chance to get to know each other better or to reconnect on a deeper level. It took some effort on my part to find someone to look after the house and the kids, as well as take a day off of work - but is was worth it.

Now he is back on the road again, soon after dropping me off at home and I totally understand his passion for trucking and I am fortunate to have such a dedicated family man in my life.

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