Preparedness Makes a Difference

by Melisa
(Sandusky Oh)

I've been reading a lot of the stories on this site, and they all seem to have something in common. A lot of the women didn't know what they were getting into. I was lucky I guess. My step-father was a trucker. he would be gone and get stuck different places for days at a time.

I actually urged my boyfriend to go into trucking because I knew the potential for a better life than most 9-5s. He finally went this past spring and started with a very good company after he explored several different companies.

He's been fortunate to have 2 really good trainers and is almost done! It seems like its been forever since he started and gotten this far.

One of the best things about his schooling though, was that at the end of his four weeks, his trainer asked the families to come for a "graduation ceremony" where he talked to us and explained that there would be times we wouldn't be able to talk, that he would miss things like baseball games and concert. He told us the worst part was going to be the first year. Knowing that life's not going to be easy is important.

I agree with all the women who post that it takes a strong independent person to be a truckers wife. Its patience, organizing, improvising, and communication. You spend a lot of time as a "single-wife" trying to keep busy and keep going. It sucks when they leave. But it's the most wonderful feeling when they come home.

We got engaged last weekend. I love him and what he does for our family. My son is proud of him. I wouldn't change how life is for anything.

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Aug 04, 2013
understanding is important NEW
by: Balliet

That's cool that you were invited to a graduation. I wish they would have done that for my husband. My husband had a wonderful trainer, they are still in contact today. His trainer took the time to not only teach my husband how to drive but talked to him about how to communicate with me and help me understand what they went though on a daily basis as truck drivers. The trainer also took about 45 minutes to an hour to talk to me about different things regarding being a wife of a trucker. That 45 minute conversation helped me prepare and understand my husbands new career.

Jul 11, 2013
It's going to work NEW
by: Hervy

Sounds like he really did find a good trucking school Melisa. Sounds like you two are really looking and the big picture and trying to be proactive on making things work at best as possible.

Thanks for sharing with everyone, I think you have been saying some things that will be helpful for many visitors.

Keep shining,

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