Pregnant and MIssing Daddy....

by Jackie
(Austin, Texas)

I took this picture on my phone of my husband driving when I got to ride along...

I took this picture on my phone of my husband driving when I got to ride along...

My husband is gone from Sunday evening until Friday or Saturday evening.Even though I know he is busting his tail to provide a good life for us, I miss him dearly. We went from being together every night when he worked as a mechanic, to only seeing eachother one or two nights a week....this can be VERY hard. Especially being preganant.

You see, I am now 8 months pregnant with our first son together, Ethan. Both of us are very excited but I have mixed emotions about all this.

Im terrified of going into labor while my husband is on the road and gone all week long.... I need him there for support, as any pregnant wife does.

I also fear that with daddy being gone so much, he and Ethan will not have the opportunity to bond as father and son should....
Although all these things are on my mind and do bother me, I still have great respect and love for my husband and worry about him each and every day.

Being a truckers wife is almost the same as being an army wife...different circumstances yes, but the same emotions are involved. My husband is my world and its hard getting up and facing each day without him right here next to me, but hes doing what he feels he has to do for our little family.

Now, I recently did get to take a couple road trips with him, and I must say, I rather enjoyed the experience, pregnant and all. The country side is so beautiful and the feeling of being on top of the world consumed me.

Now i understand the love my husband has for being on the road and even though its hard, as long as he's safe and sound each night, I will continue to be as supportive as i can...and wait for my chance to hold him tight for a couple nights.....

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Oct 02, 2012
much in common NEW
by: Cynthia Harris

Wow! I feel the same way and all (except I am not pregnant.... yet). Mines gone from Sunday night to Friday night. And its always bittersweet. I have gone with him once and that all it took to understand why he loves his job. He feels the same way about his. Another coincidence, my husband was working as a mechanic and home every night (except when storms rolled in since he was a mechanic at an electric company and was working on lines before working in the shop). I was tired of hearing how miserable he was and finally told him to find that dream job cause I was sick of it too. I told him to do that because I love him and we both knew that the mechanic job wasnt going anywhere anytime soon. Especially since they were dragging thier feet about sending him to a mechanic school and the raise he was promised.

He tried driving for the oil field but he was suddenly never home and somewhere in the middle of that we lost touch. I had to drop school, homefront responsibilities suddenly shifted to me, and I suddenly became a second parent to my 2 year old nephew since I had him while his mamma worked and the dad wasn't man enough to be in the picture. My whole world changed. He was there for 8 months. We realized what the oil field was doing to use and he refused to go to North Dakota. Now he is at McElroy based in Cuba, Alabama, they fortunately have a yard in Ennis (close to Dallas). He has been there for around 6 months and we have learned to communicate and rebuild that part of our relationship. AND last but not least we are both happy with the life we have now. : )

Mar 25, 2011
i totally understand
by: Brystal Keller

I know how your feeling. When I was pregnant with our son my Husband was on the road through out the whole thing. And I went into early labor and was put on bed rest. We asked his dispatcher to keep him on the West coast the last couple months of my pregnanticy so that he could get home quickly if need be. Thank God he made it home just one day befor our little guy decided he was no longer gonna wait and I had him that next morning. I think even harder then that was the fact that he had to get back to work so soon after having the baby. Just 4 days at home and then back on the road. We are leasing our truck so with the payments being 1400.00 a week, we dont see to much of him. Our son is now 2 1/2 years old and is always asking for daddy. When he sees a big rig he points and says daddy. I think the best thing we could do to deal with the seperation was myself and son spent a month on the road this past summer with my Husband. I got to see just what his life was like out there, I have a better understanding now what he goes through. Its not only tough on us back at home but the drivers also. We see him once every other month now, and along with his "Honey-Do-list" we make the best of his time home. We just got a laptop for his truck and last week we downloaded Skype so that we can video chat with eachother. My son loves seeing daddy on the computer, and im sure it will keep the bond between father and son strong. God Bless you & stay strong!

Mar 25, 2011
missing Daddy
by: Anonymous

I understand, but one thing we Trucker wives have to do to make it through the seperation is to keep busy and you will when Ethan arrives, but for now --if you have a close friend ask if they will go with you to the birthing class, just for a back up. Line up someone that can be there for you if he is on the road when the time comes. He may get the good news , but too far away to get there before the baby.
I don't mean to sound harsh, but you have to learn to build your life around you not hubby.
We live one life when they are on the road and another when they are home.
I am not suggestion fooling around, but as you know things are different when he is home. Be thankful he is there on the weekends, I have not seen my husband for over a month.
We talk several times a day and the past few weeks I have been very sick and he would like to be here, but he has a job to do to take care of us.

your concerns about the bonding, Well it the quality of time not the the quanity that matters most. Your son will be fine and so will you.

God Bless don't worry --You don't want the baby born and have a frown because of you being worried, now do ya?. lol

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