Picking up and Delivering Freight

Your entire reason for the company needing you behind the wheel is to pick up and deliver freight.  But the average truck just does that and sometimes not very well.

Here are some things involved in picking up an delivering freight in a professional way.

  • Being on Time for appointments
  • Keeping freight safe while in transit
  • Not having claims for damaged freight
  • Quality customer service in how you deal with shipper/receivers
  • Maintaining a presentable appearance because you represent the company
Picking up and delivering freight

You might hear other drivers minimize the importance of appointments.  Don't buy into that philosophy.  The more dependable you are the more important you are to the trucking company.  (Not only that, it is important to who you become as a person.  Which goes beyond that job and is expressed in all that you do forward...)

Think about this.... You are a good professional truck driver doing it the way I ask you to do it.  You and 2 other drivers are in the same location delivering and get empty at the same time.  There is only 2 loads in the area.

A decision has got to be made.  What two drivers are going to get the load?  You and someone else.  The driver who is least dependable and does the poorest job, will get taken care of last.

Why?  Obvious.  He/she is less of an asset to the company.  Easy.

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