Only the Strong Survive

by Samantha
(Memphis TN)

Let me first begin with saying I love my husband so much that I cant think of anybody I love more except God and my children.

I will support him and stand behind him in whatever profession he chooses to pursue. I will stand by him. But this is not an easy life for me or him..

He is away at least 13 days at a time. And when he gets home he is so tired the first thing he wants to do after sleeping in a box for 13 days is to rest. And eat. And sleep some more. And then sex and then sex. And then spend a little time with the children. And then church. And then sex again and then it's time for him to hit the road again.

That has been our life for a few years now. I know it's rough on him being out there. He is lacking what he needs while I lack what I need. We have fights over nothing because we miss each other so much.

Tho we are working towards a goal, it doesn't make the task any easier. If you believe in zodiac signs, let me humor you for a minute.

I'm a cancer and he is a Libra which makes it all the mote difficult. Libras are social and need to be around people. They need a mate who boost their egos consistently. They are go getters and logical as well as indecisive at times. They are by nature sexual people.

While Cancers on the other hand need to be encouraged and supported constantly by their mate. Cancers are moody and emotional and expect people to read their minds

They are VERRY supportive if they are supported. To spell it out completely for you WE WANT and NEED the same things from each other. And both of us are trying to give that to each other but are giving it in the way WE want to receive it. And of course communication is hard when we are even together on a daily basis.

This is so because we interpret and understand things differently So this life for us is a constant struggle.

I am a teacher as well as a single parent( thank God my parents and sisters help) while he is a way so we don't don't have that much time to talk not to mention Saturdays and Sundays are filled with church, basketball and football games, and play dates, and birthday parties, and library visits for the children so our time is limited.

At times he feels neglected, and horny of course and frustrated and out of reality. At times I feel so very lonely and unappreciated. And there are times that the devil creeps in each of our minds and then we have trust issues. And then we argue, hang up in each others faces.

Then we snap back into reality and WE get OVER it just as fast as we got on it. HE IS MY SOUL MATE. I wouldn't trade my life for ANYHING. We have been married 8 years and I love that man so much. HE would give his life for me and the children. He iS sacrificing his life for me and the kids.

There is no one or nothing that can tell me anything about my husband because I know too much about him. He stood by me through a whole lot of bs that I don't of any other man who would do the same not even my father and he is an exceptional human being.

Neither I nor my husband grew up in households where there was enough money. Not to say that my childhood was bad because we were poor and I didn't even know that we were poor BUT we want more for our children.

We want to be able to leave them with enough money to be able to survive as well as flourish in this mean cruel world. So we sacrifice a few years of our lives to set our two sons up for the rest of THEIR Lives.

The most awesome thing about a Libra is that they are always looking for ways to expand and make things better. So we are in the process of creating our own company( authority) and he will be able to work 3 days a week and be at home 4 or the opposite of each other.

Because the Libra man is never satisfied he will expand into other things to get off the road eventually.

We married young so we have kind of grown up together so we will still be young and able to enjoy life. But even if something happens and one of us should die neither of us regret the way we have spent our time- working to create something better four our children.

We grew up in African American homes where it is a necessity that each generation is better off than the last~ spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

That's exactly what we are doing.

Perks~ of course there are perks..we have time apart to actually really miss each other..Our sex is so passionate that it should make the earth shake!! And I am serious. We crave each other.

Even though space is necessary ins cancer/libra relationship towards the end of our time apart it gets really tough. This is no lifelong thing that any two people should endure.

There needs to be a plan set in place to eventually bring that man or woman off the road.

Marriage is about being together physically and mentally. You cant go 30 years of constantly being a part and expect things to be stuck like glue. That is why so many truckers get divorced or one of the spouses cheats.

Make a plan. Get in the trucking game and then get the hell out of it. And getting out won't be easy.For one thing we he comes home more often it for good I will have to retreat some and he will have to step it up a notch.

I have had to play the role of man and woman in the house. When he comes home he will will want and need to play his role in the household.

It won't be so easy giving up the part I have been forced to play for two years. And he will have to relearn his role in the household. Only the strong will survive.

We made a vow to each other and we are sticking to it. We are committed.


Be encouraged truckers and wives! Only the strong survive.

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Jul 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

you get a 100 percent also

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