On My Own

by Jenifer
(White, GA, USA)

We have 5 kids, 10 years to 8 months. He started about 7 months ago. It's a really hard adjustment for me, alone with the kids and just alone.

I often feel he got the better end of this deal. He bitches about showers, well, mothers of children alone, when do we shower??

He complains about sleep, our 8 month old is breastfed and still up every 42 minutes to nurse all night. I know he needs to vent but so do I.

I just feel like there's little consideration for us wives, as if we sit around on easy street while he's busting his ass uh.... driving.... eating out....and oh yeah, having to deal with deadlines (cause there are no deadlines with children), and of course scheduled stops (hey, can someone let the kids know I am on a scheduled break for 30??)

Then when he is home he thinks he should be able to shit, shower and sleep, when do I get to take a few days off, oh yeah I don't. I am mom, as dad why shop he have to help on his "time off/home time".

Don't get me wrong, before driving he did help and was very family involved. And maybe it just takes some time to adjust to being alone and lonely and keeping the household down (and I do a damn fine job thank ya) LOL

Of course every other person on earth thinks you are rich when you say you are a truckers wife and then they all tell you about someone they knew and how they are all cheating with lot lizards, etc.

Just wondering if I am alone on the WTF spectrum of being the wife and not the driver. It's hard to be understanding of his job when mine is not valued. I feel better for venting now tho, thanks for letting me rant!

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Oct 17, 2013
it is okay to vent here NEW
by: Anonymous

I am glad you were able to get it out and off your chest....yes you do deserve to do this!! well not to many people with five kids ever have a lot of money even if your a truck driver...I do and my trucker do have a lot of money now...kids are grown..so it depends on the situation I would say...

One thing I can offer is try to separate yourself from his job....when he vents just say huh uh and let him know you gotta get off the phone one of the kids needs your attention...after awhile he will get the message....sometimes I say oh got a call coming in when I dont feel like hearing road crap,,(if you using a cell that is)..just try to ease your way out of his ranting some how...be creative you will be happier in the long run...find places like this to vent...heck you can just write it down as you have here....

Always remember that is his job and you dont always have to listen to it all....if he is tired when he gets home ask him for money so you can start planning a trip with all the kids and take off and have fun with them instead of being miserable at home taking care of yet another sleeping baby (him).....

I hope you will find balance in your family unit and I am sure you will be okay....

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