Old Wife-New Life

by Connie Johnson
(Northern Idaho)

I am brand new to being a truckers wife. He is now on his 1st run with a not-so-nice-trainer. He is doing well and taking the cranky trainer in stride. He finished school at Swift and seems to really like this new job.

I am incredibly proud of him. We had struggled financially since 2009 and he is starting over at 55. We have been married 20 years. Certainly had some real tough times, but in the end we are besties and just pretty crazy about each other.

So for me it has been hard. We had never previously been apart for more than a few days. Out of 7 children ages 35 down to 13 ( I brought 2 teens into our marriage) only 3 are still at home plus a 3month old grandbaby.

Even though my life is busy, I miss my trucker. He is an awesome Dad and Papa.
We talk several times a day. I always try to encourage him and he does the same. I just wonder if I will ever get used to this new life.

As an "old wife" I already know that attitude has 99% to do with how successfully this new life plays out. Still I sure miss him.

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