not sure what to think

by L

Hello all well i have a problem with the way i feel about my husband i love him more than anything but i'm not sure if he is being honest with me about a few things.

When he was home for a few days i was cleaning out his bag and found some pills that some men use to get the cocks up but when i said something about them he got mad at me. So i'm not sure if he is using them for us or for something going on when he's gone for 3 weeks.

The other thing is he has started drinking alot when he is home and that's not something he use to do.

When he went back on the road in the begining he was gone for the week now it's 3weeks so any advise as to what may be going on or am i just fooling myself to think that he really loves me or is he using me.

We have only been married 8 months. Now i find myself depressed all the time and just thinking what do i do now...anything at this point would help.


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