No positive attitude being a trucker's wife

I have been reading blogs & I am glad that I have experience being by myself when my husband used to be in the military either down range or deployed & I coped by spending my time with my children.

When they were in school I did coffee time with friends & when I had free "me time" I caught up with my reading & that is how I do it with my husband being a trucker.

The only difference between military & trucking is the PAY! Trust me on this one & with that note trucker's pay is nothing compared to the military's great benefits & I have nothing positive to say about trucking!

Everything we use & own gets to us via trucking & truckers get paid PENNIES per mile whereas military pays DOLLARS & lots of it by at no cost to military members & their families medical & dental, housing on post at no cost & if you live off post they pay you housing allowance in addition to your base pay!

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Jun 07, 2013
I disagree NEW
by: Anonymous

If the military pays 65,000 - 155,000 a year I need to see the proof....because my husband started out at 54,000 a year 25 years ago.......built himself up to 65,000.......and makes as much as 155,000 a year.......I come from a military family and we were lucky to have beans only 3 times a week on a good week........I think you are way off pun intended...:)

Jun 06, 2013
Positive things about trucking NEW
by: Hervy

I can understand that trucking can be challenging for drivers and their families. Regardless, there are some positive things that I think can be said about trucking. It's about perception.

Positive things about trucking....

There is job security no matter what the economy is like.

A driver can live where he/she needs to and have this job.

Trucking gets raw materials to the manufacturer.

Trucking gets finished goods to the retail outlets. (these things mean that trucking keeps the economy moving)

Most good trucking companies have more benefits than other jobs drivers and family can get with similar investment in time and money to get trained for.

Trucking gives a driver many paths for income, such as owner operator, hauling heavy, oil fields, flat bedding, household etc. All of which will also change the amount that you are paid.

Trucking gives some couples the space they need to grow together. (Of course it can tear others apart who are incompatible for the trucking lifestyle, however it's a good idea for the couple to make an assessment prior to and respond accordingly )

Trucking gives members of a couple time apart where each member could use as quiet time to self reflect and make person improvement to bring into the relationship. Which improves the relationship and helps it to grow.

Trucking gives members of a couple to pursue their personal interests without the pressure sometimes associated with individuals in a relationship when taking up those personal interests takes time away from the relationship. (I am talking about positive things, learning 2nd, 3rd language, taking a class, online marketing, working out, and for the person and home perhaps perfecting a sport etc. The time can also be wasted on squandered away and be a burden on the relationship)

So while trucking has it's downfalls there are many things to be grateful about with regards to trucking but I think it's all about perception. You have to choose to look at it in the way that offers peace and not unrest.

Meanwhile figure out how to transition out of the situation that you want changed. In other words, if you and your husband don't want to live the trucking lifestyle long, map a game plan for doing something else. (take the courses, start a business or get qualified for a career or source of income more suitable for the relationship)


So for some trucking is a tool, for others it's a lifestyle. For those that it is a burden, an idea could be to change their perception and perhaps how time is spent during this period, so that trucking isn't a permanent unwanted journey.

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