No cellphone Service, Really???

Is there any highway in the U S where you cannot get cell service for 3 consecutive days?

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Aug 19, 2018
Unlikely to be the case
by: Hervy

There are highways and places that you can't get service. If you're driving though, you would eventually hit a service area.

With multiple stops you might go a day and a half, not likely to be the case but.....

Technically speaking, it's possible. More possible is just not making the call in the 3 days due to a series of events. Still ridiculous.

But I will give you an example.

Highways with no phone service vary depending on the carrier. With sprint there are places in Arkansas, AA highway/Route 9 in KY (and other backroads in KY WV etc), Northeastern TN north of I-81, places on 1-10 in West Texas, etc. Lots of places. (That's my carrier)

If you deliver in one of those areas or get to a delivery there late and have to wait until the next day, you might be there for at least a day with no service.

Maybe you leave there and go to another neighboring place with no service next and they take forever to load/unload you.

Then you finally get out of there.

As you can see you are absolutely there for an extended period of time. (Evening and next morning)

Chances of remaining in that type of location with no signal for more than that would be like hitting the lottery. (in a bad way) So, I won't say it's impossible but highly unlikely.

Now he could be in a place with no service and when service is available planned to call you later, but later ends up being in another place with no service. (I've done that, but the call I needed to make wasn't that important.)

If it was to a wife/spouse then you can find the time to call and even if you end up in that situation, you just have to do whatever to make the call.

But that being the excuse for 3 days no contact...

It's just not reasonable to be 3 days straight with no way to touch basis.

UNLESS this is some Tonka Toy cell phone and service I guesss

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