Newlywed- husband said he would find a local job but didn't

by Izza
(Oregon )

I have been married for three months. When I met my husband he was a countrywide- long haul truck driver, but as soon as he met me he gave up his job and found one locally.

He managed to work and be home every night, but after 3 months of being married he has decided to go long haul again.

We are from the west and he will be flying to Colorado for training in a week. I feel cheated. I was marrying thinking that he would be with me everyday after our wedding day.

Not sure what to do or think.

I feel like I am going to miss him a lot and I am feeling angry at him right now.

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Feb 09, 2013
long haul is in the blood NEW
by: Anonymous

To bad someone wasn't around to let you know that long haul is in the blood. Once the driver experiences the road long distance, a 9-5 driving job seems humdrum and the pay is a lot less at a 9-5 job.

You have the opportunity now since you have been married only 3 months to move on, not much time has been invested and don't wait until you have children to break it off. That wouldn't make any sense at all.

Since he has made a decision to go back to long haul, and did not consider to talk it over with you means he has already set you aside, and the communication has been broken it only gets worse after that.

Cut your losses and move on because if you stay in this relationship, you will be alone a lot, and you will be taking care of everything household, and if children are on the marriage list you will be raising them on your own.

This lifestyle is not for everyone and you need to make a decision for your self as he has without communicating it...or you can be honest with him, and just let him know this is not the life for you. He will either understand or he will sacrifice his own need to be on the road, and return to a his old 9-5 driving job.

Wish you the best in your life.

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