newlywed experience on the road.

by rachel

Okay, so my husband and I just got married two weeks ago. We have been together for a year though.

Right after the wedding I joined him on the road. It's fun, hard, exhausting, boring at times, and smelly at times but I love it.

He's a heavy haul/oversize driver. He's been a trucker for almost 2 years but has the experience of someone that's been driving for 20 years.

The crap he has been through is scary. Last march his truck was hit by lightning while he was going 70mph. He also drove through hurricanes, drove through that major storm surge in Alabama that had like 65+ tornadoes in one night.

It definitely takes a strong person to drive a big truck. It's definitely not easy. And it sure as heck isn't easy being the spouse of a trucker.

So far the most difficult thing for me, being actually with him in the truck is finding stuff to do other than playing games on my phone or cleaning.

I thought about taking up crochet or knitting. But if you have any ideas feel free to e-mail me those ideas at ignore the childish part of the email. I made it when I was 14.

But anyways, it has been a difficult ride even being in a relationship with a trucker because when I wasn't on the road with him I was missing him constantly.

I couldn't plan anything because he was never guaranteed on-time home-time. If you haven't been in a relationship with a trucker you would have no clue what it is like. You're worrying constantly about your man and it hurts not having him right beside you every night when you go to bed.

I was talking with an army wife and she was saying that its even harder when your husband is gone for 6-12months at a time and I share great respect for her but then again I disagree because at least when her husband is home she gets to see him for 6months to 6years at a time.

Whereas being a truckers wife as long as he is over the road driving which could be a year or could be the rest of your life, he is gone for a month sometimes longer and you only see him for maybe 3-4 days and that is constant. Both equally as dangerous depending on your m.o.s or haul.

But anyways, all in all I am loving being married to a trucker even though sometimes there are attitudes, have to pee on the side of the road if there is no where else to go, and occasionally the crave to stand up and walk around.

But if you have any advice for me, I would be more than happy to receive. So feel free to e-mail me.

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