New wife, new baby, new job.

(Colorado Springs Co)

I am new to this whole truckers wife ordeal but I'm fighting to keep things together. My husband took a job over the road to help get us financially back on track. Prior to we just moved to a new place and have only been here a month, on top of that a 5 month old baby who is growing so much everyday.

Being a truckers wife isn't easy but it's worth waiting to see him. I see my husband once a month in the time he is gone I try to keep myself busy which isn't too hard with a little one to keep myself from thinking too much.

I can't say I don't have my breaking points when I am basically begging him to just come home I spend time applying to local jobs for him, he says he will come home if there is a local job lined up for him. Which is reasonable the only issue is his MVR isn't the best many jobs won't hire him because for his accident. I miss him very much and I try to reason with him but nothing works he will not come home.

It's a lonely life and at times feels impossible to even get out of bed but you gotta keep truckin no matter the distance. It tough but it is well worth it.

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