New Trucker Wife and Life Long Trucker's Daughter

by Emily
(Delta PA)

I have recently became a truckers wife and for almost my whole life I have been a truckers daughter.

This life was something I fought my husband on for almost 9 years. My husbands dream was to be a truck driver and for anyone who has had a parent in the career, more than likely you don't want to have your spouse in the career.

My dad is a wonderful dad and husband to my mom, but my mom had to do a lot with my sister and I by herself. My husband and I don't have children yet, but it is still a concern of mine when we do.

Unfortunately, my husband lost his job in April and since he had his class A's, this was really the only option for us because of the way the economy is.

As I said earlier, my husband said it was his dream and I had fought it like crazy. But I came to terms with it quickly when I realized this was really our only choice.

With much prayer, him and I embarked on the truckers life. Also, who am I to stop him from his dreams. So, I called my dad and cried to him on the phone and sat at work with my mom at the lunch table and cried with her.

They both told me the same thing, "Pray and the Lord will take care of you both" My parents have been married for 33 years and they have so much love and devotion for each other. They will both tell you it is because of the Lord that they are able to live this way and that helps give me peace in my heart that this will be OK.

My husband always tells me no job is worth the risk of our marriage, and for that I am grateful. A lot of men do not have that attitude. It doesn't make everyday with out him here easy or perfect, but it makes it a little easier to deal with it.

Some nights, I still get mad or cry because being a truckers wife is NOT easy by any stretch. Some nights I long just to feel his arms around me. Those nights I seek the Lord, call my mom, or do something to take my mind off of it.

Dwelling on missing him can be bad for me and for him. I can end up lashing out at him or other people because of missing him so much.

The best part of this is, it's kind of like my husband and I are dating again :-) It's so exciting when I know he's on his way home to me! Life can be hard but I can't sit and dwell on that.

My husband is out delivering items to help other people and to put food on our table and keep our roof over our head.

I've married a wonderful man who will do anything to take care of me. One of my biggest obstacles is being out in the middle of the country by myself. We do have neighbors though few, but we still live out in the middle of podunk (which I love). It is a little scary for me so... I went got 2 puppies that will grow to be very big so they can protect me lol.

In a nutshell though, my best advice is to seek the Lord. Pray for your husband from the time he walks out the door to the time he walks back through it and those moments in between too.

To my fellow trucker wives, God Bless You for your love and devotion to your hubby's and you all will be in my prayers!

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Sep 11, 2012
Thank you for your words of wisdom NEW
by: Laura

Emily, it is very hard to be a truckers wife along with a truckers daughter. I have grown up around truckers all of my life, and I never imagined myself being a truckers wife. I worked in the trucking industry for 7 years, and even then I never thought I would be a truckers wife. We were in the same position as you and your husband were. We were both unemployed, and my unemployment getting to run out. The only way we survived was from my student loans. He had searched for jobs and sent application and resume's out continually, and he decided that there was only one thing that he could do. TRUCKDRIVING!!

I have always been supportive of my husband in any kind of endeavor...and I did the same for this one. I knew that this was the only way we were going to survive until I got my disability..which I am still waiting to go before a judge. Even though I have experience in the trucking industry, I had a hard time getting used to him being gone. It was very hard for my children to adjust him being gone, but they gained a since of pride and respect for what he does. My oldest son, went out with him for one run, and really enjoyed himself. I was able to go out with my husband for one week, and I loved every minute of it. I made sure that he would eat instead of skipping meals, cuddling while we slept, talking while he was driving, and seeing the countryside together.

If you can, go out on the road with him for 1 week, and I guarantee that both of you will enjoy spending time together. After going out on the road with him, I saw some pretty bad accidents and I heard drivers praying over the cb. So, I vowed to pray for every drivers safety, so that they can go home to the ones that they love.

We are strong women, and this is the hardest job that anyone can take on. A marriage requires trust, love, understanding, respect, friendship, communication, and compassion. If you have that then your marriage can withstand anything that comes your.

Sep 08, 2012
no worries NEW
by: Anonymous

after obama gets done with this economy he will be home sooner then you think. your concern over him being gone will subside to OMG what shall we eat?

he will be home soon no worries.

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