New to OTR, lonely ? yes, but I know who I am.

by Tammy
(Roseburg, OR)

I've read several post here along with the comments left. Some are sad, some are hateful, some are endearing, and some are truly scary

We've been married for 30 years (yes, continuously). Raised a successful, beautiful and independent daughter. Who gave us a cherished grandbaby.

We aren't new to being apart. You can say we weaned ourselves during the last 20 years. At first with baby steps. Him working 6 days a week, so I could stay at home and raise our daughter. Then me working whacky shifts in retail and hospitality fields. We either came home to an empty home or got up to one. That's right, I said HOME, not house. BIG difference. I never felt alone. Or like a single mom. I felt loved and in love.

I became partially disabled 3 years ago and unable to work. We didn't see it as devastating, we saw it as a chance to say "Hey, I remember you". I moved to our second home a year ago and he followed 5 months later. We then had 4 blissful months of just being together and being with our girls. Extended vacation, lol, kitchen remodel.

In January reality came to play. Someone's got to work, we aren't financially fortunate. We have always talked (romanticized) about truck driving as a team. "Hello" partially disabled on my right side. 2 dogs, 2 adult cats (who have 2 babies), 2 birds, granddaughter in cheer, etc., etc.. sometimes life get's carried away. But, I refused to stand in his way of fulfilling a dream. After all life takes team work.

It's now May, he's been driving OTR for 3 month's...and it is LONELY, for both of us. However, we see it as we are still a team. I help from home with updated weather reports for safe travel, videos, sounding/venting board and locating truck stops with showers! He keeps me with him by using a dash cam that he downloads while stopped. It's like being with him in the truck. I will start going out on hauls during the summer, but for now we're making due.

I'm a Mom, a Grandma, a slave to animals, and I'm Larry's wife, (not "just" a truckers wife). But first and most importantly, I'm Tammy!!

In order to have a happy life, home, and self. You must first find yourself. you know, the "you" before you grew up and got titles.

Happy Gal!!!!


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Jun 23, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Dianna Strosin DDS

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May 23, 2015
Very Important Post
by: Hervy

Thanks for the post Tammy. I think it will greatly inspire readers.

Congratulations on having a winning attitude and wonderful outlook on life. (and on your large diverse family as well,lol) Keep shining and sharing your light.

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