New loving relationship to driver who started OTR

by Valarie verhaar
(Deltona, Fl, Volusia )

Hello everyone,
I found this man by dancing with him one night, followed him on facebook, invited him to meet me at that same bar again. We went on our first date next day. What a beautiful memory we went out to lunch, went to spend day at Blue spring to be with the manatees. Went for long walk. Got aquanted real fast talking and walking.

We spend the whole bike week of Daytona Beach together. We had best time ever during Bike week road his Chopper and or Harley Davidson aND we drank only water.

danced so much during Bike week. I know what I want on a man and I want him so much, I feel his positive energy. I am so attracted to his energy, looks, his personality and pheromones etc.

He is my everything and he has what I want and more in a man. 3 months later he took on a job going over the road home, home 10 days and be home for four days.

Now here is my delima, I just got out of 11 year of being neglected marriage cause my previous partner of 11 years was always tired caused he worked 60 hours a week and local truck driver. I am needy of attention.

I hunger for a lot of attention and I love to give my love n affection to my new man in my life. I have been in relationships all my life. I am a strong women, but I'm not used to being alone!!!!. I have to get a life to entertain myself stay busy,while he is over the road. I love him so very,very much. I want to make this work and he says he may only do this OTR job for few month. By December I he wants me to move into his house. That says a lot on how I feel he feels about me.

I wants to meet a few wives or girlfriends who has an OTR man in their life. I want to reach out for support. 386 561 8737 please call

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May 25, 2016
It is your neediness NEW
by: Anonymous

I think it is your neediness and you said you crave attention and you were involved in an 11-year marriage to a neglectful trucker husband. If this guy works out for you, then I wish you the best and you are the first one that has posted your phone number - bad news! But I think you are looking at this guy through rose colored glasses and right now you are in the honeymoon stage, as time goes along, that may change, if you read some of these posts, not all trucker wives have positive happy stories to tell. You say he mentioned about you moving in his house in December, this is May, that is a good 7 months away and why so far away in time to move in, things can change. And if I was with a neglectful trucker husband and I divorced him, I sure as heck would not repeat and restart over with another trucker, no way, but you say you are needy, I, on the other hand, am not needy and clingy, I would want time to be alone before I would get into another relationship, only you can make yourself happy, not anyone else, and him telling you that he will get a local job, well it may be temporary because once he misses that road, he may be miserable to live with and then want to go back to OTR! Plus I do not know of any trucking companies that will allow you on the truck. My husband had to request permission for me to ride on his truck when I had to use up my vacation days which amounted to 4 weeks for me and trust me it was a TRIP FROM HELL because when I had to go to the bathroom, he said he couldn't stop because of deadlines he had to meet, a daily shower is out of the question, you may shower OTR about 2-3 days out of the week, depending where he parks at a truck stop for downtime, try climbing in & out of the truck and walking forever to the bathroom and a lot of junk food and fast food eateries out there to eat, very unhealthy, and if you are short like me, I am only 5 feet tall, well that tractor is a nightmare climbing up and down that thing, but when I was on the truck, that was my FIRST and LAST time on that thing! I wish you the best but give it some serious consideration!

May 08, 2016
I'm not a fem... NEW
by: Anonymous

... Have him ask his trucking company if they insure passengers. Maybe you can make a few runs with him.... and by that time....well....

You might not mind waiting so much for him.

He won't give up the OTR so you should kind of count that out. If he was REALLY going to, he would have picked up a local job, which would have sucked just as bad. Long, long days and very, very little sleep... and usually some weekend work.

Not the same kind of "trucking" either. Local work offers no freedom to us "nomads of the highway"

I will say this: It is refreshing to hear something so positive from the female side.

I lost my wife because of my addiction to the highway. I am still friends with her and my kids are grown.

I came off the road for a short time while my son was young and dispatched for about 9 years so he could have a dad.

After that, I hit the road again.

You never know, his company just might be big enough to have a passenger policy/exception ~


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