by Marie
(Lima, OH)

We have been married nearly 6 years. I was a single mom and waited to find someone when my kids would not be an issue. I have one son that has mild CP. He can take care of himself just can't handle living alone.

Steve and I had the greatest relationship. We worked at the same place and worked the same hours. The madness hit with layoffs and buyouts. We were both unemployed. That lasted about 6 months and neither of us could find a job.

Steve left for truck drivers training the end of May because it was what he wanted to do. I have supported him but I don't like be alone so much. I told him if I wanted to be alone I wouldn't have gotten married again.

The loneliness has gotten better,but I love him enough to give this a try. He hates talking on the phone but now he calls several times a day. This helps. He should finish his training and get a truck of his own real soon and that should help too.

I want to get some kind of job but there is not much out there. I feel that it would help with the loneliness and depression. I really miss him a bunch. I am a strong person and am starting to reorganize my life. I am helping out at the grade school where my daughter teaches.

In order to see Steve when he gets a day between classes we go to my daughter's in IN. It's about an hour from school. I am getting excited about him getting started with a truck of his own.

I'm not so sure of the finances. Life is ever changing and I am looking forward to spending time with him on the truck.

The logistics for the truck is a 4 to 5 hour trip from home. I really don't like that but we will see.

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Nov 03, 2011
I hear you...
by: Brigit

My bf has been driving for about 5 years and won't get his own truck, there is too much liability, but others say it's the only way to go... Lots of opinions... My bf changed to the company is as currently about a year ago and I could go out with him without being married, they all have different rules, but it was the best thing ever... I understand A LOT more now and when he is somewhere I have been with him, it's a special thing, and we never fought - it's a SMALL space and both commented on that accomplishment. I am glad I found a FT position in July, but Feb - July 2011 I was out with him and wish I could be now!!! I miss it and him SO MUCH !!!! Good luck!

Jul 10, 2011
good luck on going broke.
by: Anonymous

good luck with truck of your own. and i mean that cause you will need luck. someone never been in the trucking business before, you are facing an uphill battle the whole way.

questions to ask before even getting in to the truck.

is it brand new? if not, why not? how come the last driver turned in the truck? was it a bad truck or is it that the driver was going broke. was the cost so great that the tale home pay was less then flipping burgers at the lunch hole in town. probably the hours away from the house and the weeks away from the house to net 100. a week or even worse the driver was in the hole and has to work 3 more weeks at full profit to pay back the company.
which leads to next point, the company isnt taking the risk at all on your guy, or they would put him in a company ntruck and pay all expenses and pay him for the miles he did, and regardless of the fuel bill the days off, etc. he will get paid his mnilkes.

so if you jump in to the big expense of a 115,000 doolar plus interst and then not even to keep the truck, ..........................welkl 1st go to the psychologist to figure out why you are willing to risk it all and then....welll i hope you get the idea.

now however if you know about running a business and know when noit to accept no9n profitable work and know a game plan on how to make payments when not working and have 110,000 in the bank to pay for this truck and your credit rating is so bad that the only way to get into a truck is thru one of thoses company deals......well good luck to you.

see what others have to say about that.

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