Need to find online Work!

by Victoria

Hello, I am actually riding along with my husband OTR. It can be very interesting at times. Been on the road with him for nearly a year.

The pay is decent, but with wanting to live an a "real" home in a year or two, we need to start saving money.

I've been trying to find legit online work.

Anyone with any leads would be appreciated!

Answer from Hervy: I just left a meeting the other day with some friends who have been doing this since September now making a few hundred dollars a day. The physical company is 20 miles from me and the 1099s was in their hands so of course I signed up.

Here is my affiliate link to check it out
Making Money On Line

Course, I have a page all about making money online also it's here ways that truckers can make extra money while on the road

I think you are smart to thing the way you are, I wish I could get more drivers or at least their wives to do the same.

If you are looking for more professional type work

Check out Free Lancers and Independent Contractors

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