Need advice for escaping my situation

by Destroyed Me
(North Charleston SC)

I'm a truckers wife, travels with him. He makes what you would make on a regular job! What he makes, he blows in 2 days! I'm not working,I travel with him. But I have nothing, no clothes, money or a pot to puss in or a car!

We live in the truck, when go home it's no money, can't buy nothing at no time. He said his needs is greater than mine! So he only by work boots and fast foods and personal items!

I want to drive trucks to take of myself. But I have nothing to get on my feet. And he won't help me, but he watches other women in front of me.

Pretends like he have something but don't! How do I get out of this situation?????

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Sep 27, 2016
Get a job and leave him
by: Anonymous

Sorry for your dilemma but you need to get a job to stay in your residence and not be on the road with him. And like the one person commented about calling a women's shelter and social services.

I have a friend, who by the way is not married to a truck driver, but she wanted to leave her husband who was blowing the money on booze every week, and she called the women's shelter in our area and they asked her if she was being beat up and physically abused by her husband and she said no. They told her women's shelters are for that purpose and I do not know what a social worker can do for you, but probably tell you the same thing.

Get off the truck, and be in your city or town to get a job and support yourself so you are away from him and to escape your situation.

Good luck and I hope you are able to escape your situation.

Sep 12, 2016
simple - LEAVE
by: Anonymous a women's shelter and social services and your family for friends for help...stay at home and get a job then leave.

Get help where ever you can and get out of your situation

your situation is what you've made it, change it

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