My Trucker and Me

by Faith

Well...we aren't married, but have been together 2 years,living together a year and a half...its not easy,no matter how long you are a part of the lifestyle it never gets any easier.

There are good things about it,like actually being able to miss each other,as opposed to couples who are together all the time,and cherishing the time he is home never taking it for granted.

Then there are the hard parts to...having to say goodbye to them and worrying about every little thing,for example..mine had a wreck several months ago,that's a phone call I NEVER want again,there's no way to put in words the heart breaking dread involved with something like that.

Thankfully he wasn't hurt,just I worry more when he's gone. I barely sleep at night, an hour here and I guess insomnia is another down side.

Thanks to modern technology (cell phones lol) we are at least able to talk everyday,and our house stays spotless because I must have something to do to keep me occupied when we aren't able to talk.

It's really quite amazing the sacrifices and lifestyle changes you will make for someone you love.

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