my life as a truckers wife

by barb

I was married for 15 years & he drove truck for 14 of those years. Believe me I am not going to say that all truckers are like my husband was.

I had even home schooled my child so that we could all be together in the truck,even learned how to drive the stupid thing then I was in an accident & the truck was too rough for me to ride in.

Here is what I discovered he hid condoms & phones numbers in the armrests & wherever else he thought I couldn't find them. Then I wasn't allowed in his truck hmmmm, lets not the forget the earrings I found when cleaning his truck because he wouldn't clean it & it stunk terrible like something had died in it.

He was around my daughter since she was six month old & he considered her to be his daughter, then around the 5th grade she took & trip with him & things where never the same there either.

All of a sudden he was saying not my daughter not my problem, & she didn't want to have anything to do with him. I have Dr. reports due to his own behavior that suspect him of abusing her & if not then was close to it, oh lets not forget all the mental abuse & threatening to put our animals in the microwave & washer etc.

My daughter & I have been away from him for 1 1/2 years now,I had finally got her to stop sleeping with a knife, then we seen him one day & she turned white as a ghost plus now sleeps with a knife again.

I dont know what he done, dont know if I ever will & yes she has been taken to a therapist but refuses to talk about him only says that she could care less if he was alive or dead.

I do realize not all truck drivers are like this but he sure doesn't help the reputation of the other truck drivers. He tought me alot - I have no desire to be in another relationship for fear of being raped while sleeping, & trust? LOL what trust. All I can say is that it was an experience I never want to repeat again & believe me I could go on & tell you more things that we experienced.

My daughter & I have been through hell & back.
oh yea just to let you all know he also carried a pair of binoculars in his truck to help read the road signs ... come to find out he was using them in the truckstops at night to look into trucks.

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