my life as a truckers girlfriend

by amanda

well lets start with he decided to change careers about 6 months ago befor that he worked in a factory and did his 8 hours then he came home.This is how our life was he go to work i would clean take care of our 4 animals and wait for him to come home that all changed 6 months ago when he decided to go to trucking school.

i am very supportive of his decision because he was so unhappy at the factory but i didnt realize how heartbreaking and hard it would be on me and our relationship. the first time he went on the road he was gone for 33 days straight. when he came home i really didnt know how to act it was as though he was a stranger.

Soon after that things got back to the norm. i was happy to have him home only for him to leave again. now he works for a company that try to have him home once a week. its very hard on me sometimes going to bed alone eating alone i spend most of my time alone since he is gone 90 percent of the time.

sometimes i long for a hug or to have my feet rubbed because my day has been hard and there isnt anyone here to comfort me it a very lonely at times. I feel very overwhelmed at times beacause i have alot of responsibility on my shoulders now that he is away the yard the animals the house just alot is on my shoulders.

I love him with all of me and i will remain by his side forever. being with a trucker is not for the weak women it takes a special kind of women to do this but i love him and i support him and ohh if i didnt mention the welcome home partys that we have between us send off fireworks each

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