My life as a truckdrivers wife!!

by Selena
(Northport, A.L.)

pretty right??

pretty right??

My husband and I have been married for 15 yrs. It's definitely been very hard on me.

I've heard some horrible stories about lock lizards, prostitution, just women who will go from one truck to the other in a matter of minutes. Disgusting to me and pretty much any NORMAL woman.

But I was working full-time at a gas station, pulling doubles all the time. We had no time together and our marriage wasn't a marriage anymore. I started doing drugs to stay up, being I had to be at work at 4:00 am in the mornings, and stay most nights until 11: p.m. So, I got hooked on pills first, then went to cocaine, crack, Oxycontin 80mg, Roxies. And I started doing this all through the vein.

I started getting a don't care attitude. And then when my husband did come home, he would go to his boss's house or they would go on a fishing trip. I was really feeling neglected by him. So, I met this guy named Chris and we had an affair for a year straight, he gave me the attention I needed.

My name is Angel and my husband is Jason by the way, Sorry about that. Well, needless to say he found out. I told him I wanted a divorce that I didn't love him anymore, I loved this other guy, etc.. Well, he wouldn't leave me and I didn't have the guts to leave him.

Well, to make a long story short, I tried to kill myself 4mths ago, and they put me in the psych ward. Well, I got out 15 days later and been clean for 4mths now. We still together, his mom died of cancer 10 yrs ago. And he promised me on his moms grave that he's never cheated on me!

I don't know if I believe him but I love him, he's helped me a lot, he's supported me through my drug abuse. Through my sexual abuse as a child, I mean we've shared everything. He's my best-friend!

To all the other women who have truck drivers for husbands; don't give up on them. Tell them how you feel, don't hold your feelings back, if your lonely tell him. Don't let anything come between you two.

And all drivers are not nasty, they have more pride than to lower themselves to a dirty, nasty, hooker!!!

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Nov 19, 2010
by: Hervy

Angel congratulations on getting clean and back on track. Glad yous guys are sticking in there.

Good things you weren't successful at killing yourself, I think you will make a great contribution to the lives of other women to keep them from ending up down a similar path.

You gave good advice....

If you are not happy, tell him... and tell him exactly what he is doing or not doing that makes you unhappy or leaves you unsatisfied because ladies sometimes we don't know or realize.

Sometimes we assume your being over dramatic or exaggerating about your feelings. Especially if you have a guy that is into other things that takes focus, studying, writing, etc.

Now it's a different story if his time is spent clubbing, etc and he seems to not be paying attention to you, that's a different scenario.

Still the need for a conversation but a slightly different tone. lol

But yeah don't sit in misery with your mouth closed. Talk to him. Hopefully he will respond accordingly. A real man would.

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