My Life and Advice As a Truckers Wife

by Jenn

My husband and I met when I was 14 years old, dated until we got engaged and got married when I was 19. We have been married going on four years now and he's been trucking for about 2 years now.

He's currently OTR and leaves out every Sunday and is gone until Friday. It definitely gets old, me being a stay home wife.. Gets lonely too, as far as being home alone all week but you get use of it.

It's not always pretty though, you have nights where you just want to cry because you miss them so much and just wonder, "why can't they have a normal job?" ... It's tough. But when you're other half, loves something so much that when they talk about trucks and trucking they light up, you have to be ok with it.. It's his job, and a job is better than no job!

My advice to someone who is new to the truckers wife or girlfriend thing, is too just always remember even though you hate them going out on the road and being gone, they hate it just as much. They miss their wives/girlfriends just like we miss them. Be proud to be a truckers wife (:

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